50/50 and Double Ups – Draftkings – For Beginners

In this post, we will discuss the 50/50 and Double Up game mode on Draftkings. For the most part, it’s when the top half of the contest gets cash and the other half loses. It is one of the most loved and popular game modes in DFS. 

Simply because you can win more often in it. I will get to what you came here for, though. That being to gain more knowledge on 50/50s and Double Ups. Let’s get to it.

50/50 and Double Ups Draftkings

To get to the 50/50 tab. You will need to login to your Draftkings account. If you don’t have one you can create one here. Now that you have an account made. You will want to find the 50/50 & Double up tab on the DK home screen.

How to get to 50/50 & Double ups on Draftkings

How to get to 50/50 & Double ups on Draftkings

You will need to select your sport. Then click the 50/50 tab. It will look like this once you do.

Draftings 50/50 and Double Up main page.

Draftings 50/50 and Double Up the main page.

This is where you will select which contest you want to join. You can also adjust the price from low to high or high and low. You can do this by clicking the entry fee tab above the price you see on the inner portion of the image. You also have the option to adjust it on the left-hand side at the top. Same rules apply for entry size. You can set that to how you prefer it to be also.

What Are The Differences Between 50/50 and Double Up?

There are some slight differences between the two. With 50/50’s they aren’t usually guaranteed to go through. With Double ups, they are guaranteed to play. Whether the game fills or not. It will show a green G beside the contest that will show if the contest is guaranteed or not.

Guaranteed game contests

Guaranteed game contests

So if the 50/50 doesn’t fill up before game time. The contest will be canceled and all players will be refunded their cash. The Double up will continue no matter if the contest fills or not. As long as the contest has the green G beside it. There are also a few prize payout differences as well. Double ups pay a little more than 50/50’s.

How To Create a 50/50 Contest

How to create a 50/50 contest on DK

How to create a 50/50 contest on DK

You will follow this process to create other things like head to heads and leagues on draftkings as well. Once you are here you will want to select your sport and then choose the league box where the red arrow is pointing in the image.

How to create a 50/50 contest on Draftkings

How to create a 50/50 contest on Draftkings

After you click the league tab and select whether you want to make the game private or public. It’s also key to making sure you don’t forget to go under the prize structure tab and change it to 50/50. It will automatically be set to the winner take all. If you don’t adjust it. Then you will need to set the size and entry fee of your contest.

Once you have done all of this you just click create a contest. Then your contest will be created. You can wait and let people join naturally or invite players. Be careful with who you invite.

If you are sending out invitations to random people. If they deny it or report you enough. You will get a nice message from Dk. Stating the repercussions for doing so.


That’s it I have explained to you what 50/50 contests and double ups are. If you have any questions relating to the two feel free to ask them. I will be glad to help out. 50/50 are by far the best and easiest way to build your bankroll on fantasy sports.

If you are a beginner. I strongly suggest you start off with 50/50s. Get a steady feel of how the game goes. Before jumping into a tournament and expecting to become a millionaire overnight. I mean it does happen. But it doesn’t happen that often. You can do it how you want. But that is just my suggestion.

If you haven’t made an account on draftkings or fanduel. You can sign-up for each by clicking the images below.

Draftkings sign up screen

Draftkings sign up screen. Click image to create your free account.

fanduel sign up screen

fanduel sign up screen. Click to join


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