About Me

About Me

Hey, there and thank for stopping by my website. My name is Ted my friends call me uncle Ted. Why? I don’t know they say I have uncle-ish type name. If that makes any sense. Yea I don’t get it either. But Ted or uncle Ted it doesn’t matter much to me. But I decided to make this site because I’m a die-hard fantasy sports player. I have played on all platforms and all sports. I have made a lot of money and lost a lot in the process. It’s not so much the money for me. But getting to play against a complete stranger and beat them is like my heroine. Fantasy sports is my specialty this is what I do.

Why I’m Here

I’m here to help new or experienced players. Get a better understanding of the fanduel and draft kings platforms and how they work. Also, give advice on-line ups if you need me to. I have been in this game for about 12 years. I know a thing or two about fantasy sports.

I decided to make a website. Because I was once a young fantasy sports player myself and I know how overwhelming it could be at first. Not knowing what site to join, not knowing how to pick effectively, not knowing who’s who, and so forth. It’s so much more to fantasy sports than just getting on there and picking players. It’s a process and a series of things you must do. If you wish to win often or make a living off of doing such. it’s possible and I know people who are doing it and so do you. You may ask yourself who? Well me of course. Yup, I have been doing so since 2006. It’s better than working at my old job for sure. But it is still a job. A fun one but a job.

If you have any questions on anything related to fantasy sports. Do not hesitate to ask them. Do I lose games? Uh yes. We all do. But I win way more than I lose. When I do lose it’s usually because of injuries or late scratches, though. So it’s not really anything I can control. But it comes with the territory. Now that you know who I am and why I’m here. Check out my site and start making some money playing daily fantasy sports. Remember there is no perfect recipe for winning. The best thing you cam do is research and study. I will show you how to do all of this on my website. You will be sharp on your fantasy knowledge in no time.