Draftkings NFL Pick Em Review

Pick em is a new game mode that Draftkings has added for their NFL DFS players this season. I must say it is quite interesting. My first time playing the new game mode was this Monday. I liked it and I think I won if I’m not mistaking. Here is a screenshot below.

Double Up Pick Em NFL Top 15 Positions Paid

Double Up Pick Em NFL Top 15 Positions Paid

I came in 13th place and ended up winning $6 dollars off a $3 buy in. It was my first time playing it so I went light. But it was very fun and I will go over how below.

I have my name blurred out because I have haters out here. That like to report my name and try to get me kicked off  DK for no apparent reason. So I was told by a DK support team member to blur my name out when I use images of my account for my website. I’ve been doing it ever since and I haven’t had any issues so that’s what I’m rolling with.


Draftkings Pick Em Review

To get here you will need to log into your DK account. Go to the NFL section and see what games they have available. Then choose whichever one you use to play. Now once you click the contest you desire to participate in. You will be asked by DK if you want to play the classic version or pick em. You will need to select pick em. This only will be asked on the mobile app. If you are on a desktop you will need to have a look at the image below.

How To Get To The NFL Pick Em Contest On DK

How To Get To The NFL Pick Em Contest On DK

You have to get on there and scroll through the games until you find the Pick Em options. In my opinion, it is a lot easier to do from the mobile app.


How To Pick Players For NFL Pick Em Game Mode

Well, it is cap free. That means there is no salary cap. So you can pick whoever you want. You will have to choose your players in tiers though. Tier 1 and Tier 2. The difference between the two is the level of players you get to chose from. For example, A. Brown would be considered a Tier 1 WR and a guy like M. Crabtree would be considered a Tier 2.  Not that Crabtree is not a good WR. But he’s no A. Brown see what I’m saying?

There are 8 Tiers you will need to pick players for.

They are listed in order from 1-8. The QBs are 1 and 2. It then goes from a mixture of RBs, TEs, and WRs on down. You do not pick a kicker or a defense. You don’t pick a kicker on DK in general even in the regular game mode.

Draftkings Pick Em Game Mode

Draftkings Pick Em Game Mode

This is how it looks on the Desktop version. It looks a little different on the mobile device. But it still has the same concept.

Now once you have chosen your players all you need to do is submit your entry and wait for your contest to start.


What You Will Need To Target

You need to look at match ups. You have no salary cap so there will not be any need in you looking for money saving value plays. That’s more for the traditional NFL game mode. In this game mode, anybody can get anyone. So to set yourself a part from the pack you will really need to seek out information on matchups, history against the team, weather etc. All these strategies will help you pick better players for each tier.

What you will need to target when playing Draftkings Pick em game mode

I’m sure most will get on there and see big name stars like J. Jones or A. Brown and think just cause they are big names and they are usually around the highest costing WRs options. They will go out and give them 25+ Dks points. Which is so not the case. Some research could’ve let you know whether or not J. Jones or A. Brown is the best option to go with for that particular game.

Because it would do you no good to have A.  Brown or J. Jones against a team they have statistically been shown to do bad against.

You could have easily picked a decent or sub par receiver that has been proven statistically to have good games against their opponent for that day.

But no you went for the super star without any research backing it. You just simply went for the big name guy cause he’s at the top of the list and you see him on commercials.

Things like Rotogrinders, ESPN, and LineStar (Mobile App) call all be good researching tools. There are lots more out there as well I would personally like to shout out the DFS Sweatshop. I watch a lot of their videos on youtube. I’m, not a member of DFS Sweatshop but I d like the content they put out on youtube.



There you have it. This is it now what you need to do from here is go and either create or join our first NFL pick em contest on DK. Let me know how your experience goes. Feel free to comment and share this information. Keep grinding out there guys. It’s a lot of money to be made out there this season. Let’s take all we can from the DFS Sharks.

If you do not have a DK account and wish to become a member you can join for free below.

Dk Sign up page

Click the image above to sign up for free.


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