Fanduel Being Contrarian Is King Look At My Wins

Fanduel Being Contrarian Is King 

Being contrarian is a major key. I say it all the time. Because it is true and a very effective way to win in DFS. No matter your sport. Set yourself apart from the pack. Here is a little peep into my account. I did a few dummy lines on Fanduel to show what I mean and how it’s done.



What you see here is my gameplay history. I want you to pay attention to 3 things. Which I have arrows pointing towards. Those things are the dates which were 9/10 and 9/11. Just a few days ago.The place I came in. Which you can see in the middle. Finally how much cash I won. Like I told you in the beginning. These are dummy lines. I did them for fun. Not trying to flex my skills and show you me winning 1k. That’s not what this is about. So back to the moral of the story. Now I show you this to let you know. That I am a real fantasy sports player and I know my stuff. This is not a robot or some noob on here talking to you. I do this in real life.

Owner Percentage

You will want to go against the grain. Yes, do what you know few or nobody else will. It’s risky of course. But if done correctly you will win a lot more than you lose. So I was picking my players for one of those lineups. I saw Clayton Kershaw in the pitcher’s category. If you don’t know MLB or Clayton Kershaw. He is the Lebron or Maybe Westbrook of his position hands down. In other words. Guys don’t usually like to go against him. They fade away from guys playing against him. He cost a lot to get himself. But on the other hand. He makes players that are facing him. Price drop substantially. You can get legitimate players for dirt cheap.



The picture at the top was from other games I played later on. The game is talking about was played on the 9th. Sorry for that. But as you can see it works all day like clockwork. I even slid an NFL lineup in as well. Like I was saying. KC is the man in MLB. So with me being who I am and knowing what I know. I’m going to go against him. Smart eh? Effective if it works? Yes, Do not do this if you know for a fact that there is no one on the pitcher’s list that can even get half of what the dominant pitcher can get. I had options so I could make it work.



I have the arrows pointed at the ownership percentage. If you can get a guy under 30% owned. You are doing good. But as you can see these are extremely low ownership percentages. Everyone went Kershaw and faded all of the Marlins players. As I knew they would. So I swallowed my pride and went the opposite direction and it paid off literally.  No one expected KC to give up 4 points and get busted up like he did. Even better my pitcher had a better game and scored 75 points. That is magnificent. You get 75 points with any fantasy sports player in any contest. You are probably looking to cash that day. Not only did he have a good game. But he was only owned 2.7% out of 451 players. So me and maybe another guy were the only ones loving it at the time. Then as you scroll on down my line up. You see my catcher who had an HR against Kershaw. Like I said no one expected it and faded Marlins players. But as you can see he ended up smacking a home run and doing a few other things to contribute to points. The same applies for the rest of my line. Low owned and had decent games. It’s that simple. Did I study or research for this no. I will be completely honest I did not. I mean I have been playing MLB all season and I pretty much know what’s what and who’s who. I picked this lineup. While I was at the store with my wife getting groceries. Do I recommend doing it like that? No, But I have a bit more time in this than the average DFS player does. So I can do things a little differently.

I ended up coming in 10th place out of 451. I shot up through the players because I had guys that were so low owned. I really had nothing to worry about after my pitcher passed 25. Then once my catcher smacked the HR. I logged out and went to sleep. Because I knew it was over after that. Kershaw was having a bad game and it was looking like money for me the entire night. I woke up and there it was. My victory and the cash to match it. The guys that were ahead of me. Had the same thing going on. Low owned players and high scores.

The NFL is no different. I used the same strategy. Except Hopkins and Jones were owned a bit more than I figured they would’ve been. But it still was all good in the end.



Low ownership minus the two of my receivers. I ended up in 18th out 113. It’s not rocket science. Usually the guys at the top of each position. Are going to be owned a lot. I’ll even go as far as to say. The first 5-10 guys will be owned a lot. Depending on the position and game type you are in. Going contrarian will pay off for you. Unlike baseball, I did do a bit of research for this one. Being that it was the first week and I have to get adjusted to things all over again. I used some of the research tools I mention in the post. NFL research tools.



There you have it. It’s not shocking numbers. But I made these contests use as examples. If you would like to face me. I would be more than happy to play you. Just let me know. Being contrarian is king. I will say it now and forever as long as it is a such thing as DFS. Now what you need to do if you have not by chance. Is to create your own free Fanduel account. All you need to do is click the image below and it will direct you to Fanduel’s site. Then you just need to fill out the information required and you will be good to go.

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