Fanduel Tournaments – How They Work – Review

I will go over how tournaments on Fanduel work. Tournaments are those big money contest. You know the ones you see on tv. Where guys have won thousands of dollars in a night? This is where they do it. It’s very real and can happen to anyone. But you must be very contrarian with your picks and have a strategy in mind. It’s not the easiest game mode. It’s actually one of the if not the most difficult one on either Fanduel’s or Drafting’s site. For a hundred thousand plus dollar cash out. It has good reason to be.

Fanduel Tournaments How They Work

Fanduel tournaments are by far one of the most played game modes on the site. For a few quite simplistic reasons like.

  • Larger Cash Outs
  • Multiple Entries
  • Larger Playing Field
  • More Of An Adrenaline Rush

Not to take away from the other game modes on Fanduel. 50/50’s are right behind tournaments. Some feel different. But that’s my personal opinion. 

How To Get To Tournaments On Fandeul 

Many of you reading this may already know this information. But if not this is for you. First, you will want to log into your Fanduel account. If you do not have one. You can make one at the link below.

(—^Free Fanduel Account Sign-Up Click Here^—)

Once you are logged into your account. You will automatically be presented Fanduel’s homepage. It should already heave tournaments selected for you. But if not you will do this. Select the tournament tab. Then choose your sport. Here is a visual of what you should be doing.

How to get to tournament mode on FD

How to get to tournament mode on FD

Once you have those two things completed. You will want to choose the type of entry you wish to join. It is a lot of options on the table. But be sure to read the prizes tab. So you will know how much you will earn if you end up cashing out. You will also want to check for things like a number of entries, how many times you can enter, and a number of other things. I will give you another visual. So you won’t keep scratching your head like what is this guy talking about.

How to get around on fanduel tournament

How to get around on fanduel tournament

Each one of those tabs will get you to any of the areas I mentioned earlier. Be sure to click the blue area. Clicking the title will just sort the games from high to low or ,low to high.

How Much Can You Win On Fanduel Tournaments

You can win cash outs that go into the hundred thousand. You can check this by clicking the prizes tab. It will look like this once you do.

How much you can win on Fd tournament

How much you can win on Fd tournament

You will see the payout structure and so on. The tab you have selected will light up blue. Like you see at the top of the image. You can also navigate to other tabs from this screen as well. The tabs on the far right show three things that are very important. I will explain each.

The first one is the entry size. This shows how many people are in the contest and can join. Tournaments usually play out whether they fill or not. It will also tell you the entries that get cash. It’s in small gray letters right under it. You can also see it in the main section of the image obviously.

The next tab is the entry fee. This is how much money you will enter to join. It will be this same price if you enter once or twenty times. Your entry fee would either be $25 or $500 get it? You will be charged $25 each time you enter this contest.

The third one is the prize tab. This one confuses people the most. You will not get 2,000,000 if you win. But this just shows you how much Fanduel is giving out in total to those who cash.

How Many Times Can You Enter Fanduel Contest?

It will tell you how many times you can enter. All contest aren’t multiple entries. Some are single entries only and it will let you know that as well. Be sure to read the title of the game you are entering. Also be sure to look for the blue and orange dots on the far left of the title of the contest. Here is a visual.

How many times you can enter a FD tournament

How many times you can enter an FD tournament

In this image, you see the three arrows in the middle. Those are pointing towards the titles of the games available.

They one on the far left is showing where you can adjust the entries to a single entry or satellites & qualifiers. I will write a post on those as well.

The arrow at the top. Is pointing towards the blue and orange arrow I mentioned earlier. The blue means the game is guaranteed to play out whether it fills or not. The orange means multiple entries. Stating that you and your opponents can enter the game multiple times. You can see these dots on the far left end of the contest title.


Sadly you cannot create tournaments on Fanduel or Draftkings. But you can make leagues on each. That’s about as close as you can get to a tournament. Drafting’s league creation mode is a bit more flexible than Fanduel’s though.

This sums it up for tournaments on fanduel. I made sure to keep it simple and easy to understand. If you have any questions still on anything I missed or something you want to know in general about this topic. Be sure to drop it in the comments area. I will get back to you asap. What you will need to do now if you haven’t already is to create you an account for FD and DK. Below I will place linked images all you have to do is click them. Then you will be redirected to the site. Where you can then create your free account. See you on the inside.

Fanduel Sign Up

Fanduel Sign Up For Free

Draftkings sign up screen

Draftkings sign up screen. Click image to create your free account.

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10 comments for “Fanduel Tournaments – How They Work – Review

  1. Ashley
    August 16, 2016 at 2:52 pm

    Interesting post, I learned a lot from it actually. Can you believe that I didn’t know almost anything about Fanduel before? Maybe because I don’t live in America…

    And I had no idea there were Fanduel tournaments.

    So you see from the beginning how much you can win from each entry, right? and does the DFS Sharks play this game mode more often than any other?

    • Ted
      August 16, 2016 at 11:46 pm

      Yes you can see the prizes you’ll win for various positions. Yes they do more so because they have more opportunity to win and win big each and every night. You have to win and cash big a lot consistently in order to be a DFS Shark.

  2. Steve
    August 16, 2016 at 3:20 pm

    I never even knew something like this existed! I like the concept of it all and may have to sign up and give it a try. What if I am not a huge fan of the sports they offer up in Fanduels? Do they only have the same sports all the time or does it change with different sport scheduling? Thanks for the information and good luck if you are playing as well!

    • Ted
      August 16, 2016 at 11:41 pm

      So far they have been pretty consistent on the ones you see on the site. If it’s not on the site. It’s a good chance it’s not going to be playable when the season for that particular sport starts.

  3. Brandon
    August 16, 2016 at 7:49 pm

    I think it’s always good to know what your getting into before actually doing it. In this case this website is very beneficial to people who want to know more about fan duel and how it actually works before investing time and money in it. I really like this site because it’s about that time of year where people will start joining fanduel. Keep up the good work

    • Ted
      August 16, 2016 at 11:37 pm

      Thank you and I agree. You will soon see those commercials advertising both sites. So it’s best to have the site ready for those who have questions or are just curious in general.

  4. Todd
    August 16, 2016 at 9:19 pm

    Hey, thanks for the great article on how fan duel tournaments work. I have always been in interested in how fantasy sports works and you have given me a good first glimpse. Keep up the great writing I am going to tell my brother about your page he is a fantasy sports junkie.

    • Ted
      August 16, 2016 at 11:36 pm

      Ok thank you and I will be sure to keep it up.

  5. Angleblade
    August 17, 2016 at 12:10 am

    Hi thanks for the great information on Fanduel , I had never heard of it until coming across your site. Can people from england enter the tournament ? and do you have any other posts about the game as this one only explains the basics. It would be good to get the full picture such as history of the game.

    • Ted
      August 17, 2016 at 3:35 am

      Yes I have plenty just check the What Is Fanduel? – Review – For Newbies. Tab and explore. I have read articles stating that Fanduel would be opening up in some way to users in the UK. It should have started this month. Be sure to check with. The website itself.

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