Head To Head DraftKings – How It Works – Review

In this post, we will be focusing on the head to head contest on draftkings. It is, in essence, the same game mode as it is for fanduel. But it’s a few slight differences between the two. I will go over each in this post. I will also show you how to join and create a head to head games. Let’s get started.


Draftkings Head to Head How It Works?

You would first log in to your DK account. If you don’t have one you can sign-up for free here. After you have logged in. You would select which sport you wish to play.


Chose your sport on DK

Choose your sport on DK

If the sport is faded out like how you see NHL is. That means the season is over and you will not be able to play any games in that particular sport. Until the season starts again. But once you have chosen your sport you will want to select the type of game mode you wish to play. In this case, you will be selecting Head to Head.


How To Select Head To Head Contest

It will look like this once you have H2H selected.

Head to Head selection on DK

Head to Head selection on DK

Once you have selected the head to head tab you will be shown a green with all of the games available to play. The screen should look like this and will always look like this through each sport you chose. If you are looking at it from the app version on a mobile device like a smartphone it will be adjusted to fit your screen.

Head to Head available games on Dk

Head to Head available games on Dk

It has many bells and whistles on it and I will explain each.

Start Times – at the top you see a tab called start times and those are the times of each contest will start. You can select one in particular if you want to see games for a certain time. Or you can leave it as is and it will show all games throughout the day. Up under where it shows the start time of the game with the date. It also shows how many games are being played for that specific contest. Keep that in mind when selecting the time of which you choose to play.

Live Contest – this will show how many games you have going on currently. So if you have a game that started at 7:05 pm and you went to the lobby to find one for 9:00 pm it would have a 1 by where it says live contest. If you click it will take you to that contest and show you how you’re doing. If you don’t have anything live. it will just be blank and will look like how you see it in the image above.

Entry Fee – this is similar to fanduel. If you click that it will sort the entry fees from high to low and low to high. If you chose nothing they will be all mixed up. Like how you see them on the screen above.

Total prize – is the amount you will win for winning the contest.

Available Contest – this shows you how many games are available for a specific entry fee. It has a number to the far right of each one.

Live In – this is how much time you have to either join or create a head to head game before it starts.

These will hold the same meaning for all sports across the entire DK platform. But I will remind you of each post related to DK.

But all you would do is click enter on the game you are interested in joining. Pick your lineup and that’s it.


How Much Can You Play For?

Well, there is free and with free you will not get any cash rewards. Then there is between $1.80-$20,000.

Dk head to head highest playing limit

Dk head to head highest playing limit

Dk head to head lowest playing limit

Dk head to head lowest playing limit

This is the lowest and highest for all sports. Not all contest but in all head to head ones. This holds the same for fanduel as well.


How To Create Your Own Head To Head

You will click the tab located on the home screen page that says create a contest. It should look like this. If you are on a mobile device and in the app. It will look different. But the navigation is easy and all you would do is click create the contest.

Create a contest on DK #1

Create a contest on DK

You would click the tab that looks like this. Once you do that you will be directed to a screen that looks like this.

Dk create head to head contest screen

The screen you will be directed to after selecting create a contest. Will look like this

You will want to make sure you have the Head to Head tab selected or else you’d be creating a league and that’s not what we are trying to do in this post. You can select whether you want to make it private or public.

Private – Is when you and someone you know have agreed to play against each other and will be inviting one another to a game that only you and that other person can play.

Public – Is when you make a game and set the entry fee. It will then be placed into DK’s head to head lobby for someone to join. If you have multiple head to head games. You will have the ability to set how many times a single person can play you. I will show you how to do such shortly.

You will now choose which sport you want to play your head to head game in.

Choose your sport for Dk Head to Head

Choose your sport for Dk Head to Head

Remember the faded gray areas are sports that aren’t in season. They will light up like the others when they are available.

Now you will want to choose how many games you wish to create and which entry fees you want for each.

Dk entry fee screen head to head

Dk entry fee screen head to head

That tab beside it with the number 1 is adjustable and it indicates how many games you have created. For that certain entry fee. The price in the bottom right corner will change as you adjust your price or prices. You can make up to 50 games for each and as they fill you can create more.

Now I will show you how to select how many times a single person can play you. You can only apply this method when you have multiple contests available.

Dk Head to Head How many times one person can play you

How to select how many times a single person can play against you

You will notice once you change the number from one to a greater number. This drop-down thing will appear on the far right of your screen. You can click it and it will drop down and it will look like this.

Dk Head to Head How many times one person can play you.

How many times a single person can play you drop down tab.

You can select up to 20 times or a low as 1 for the amount times a single person can play you.


What Happens If Your Game Isn’t Matched?

Just as fanduel Draftkings is usually pretty good with matching you with opponents. But if you don’t get matched. The money that you entered that didn’t get matched. Will be refunded back to your DK account balance.

This will usually happen for one of two reasons. No one was interested in playing you for a particular game time. Or you made the contest close to the start time. I would say at least create the game an hour before start time. If you create a head to head 1 minute before start time. It’s unlikely anyone will join your game.



Now you should have a full understanding on how draftkings head to head section works. I hope this covered all over your questions. If I missed something and you need assistance on it. Feel free to ask me and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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4 comments for “Head To Head DraftKings – How It Works – Review

  1. Dave
    August 4, 2016 at 8:31 pm

    Ted – very informative. This topic is right up my alley. I love the concept of DraftKings and FanDuel. When they first came on the market I played both weekly. I have never played head to head but it looks interesting. Looks like a great way to play baseball since there are so many lineups out there per night. In the past I just played the late games but I am going to try some head to head action.

    • Ted
      August 4, 2016 at 11:08 pm

      Go for it. I played last night and cashed. I had a $3000 pitcher from Atlanta

  2. rob
    August 6, 2016 at 3:54 pm

    Great review. You just got me very excited for football season to begin. Although I use Fanduel insted of DraftKings, I can understand everything you wrote in your post. I like head-to-head as often times I have played with friends. I have one question. What event do you believe is the best bang for your buck? Head-to-head, tournaments, 50-50’s etc..? I really like the multipliers where you can win up to 5 times the money. This is a great review for people who are thinking about signing up.

    • Ted
      August 6, 2016 at 4:08 pm

      50/50 is the best bang for your buck. Then head to head. Anything after those two is pure luck honestly

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