How to use Fanduel points or FDP – Review

Ok in this post I will be going over how to use Fanduel points or FPD. They are both the same thing. Just saying FDP is shorter. Let’s get started.


How to use Fanduel points or FDP – Review

What are Fanduel points or FDP?

Fanduel points are what you are rewarded with each time you enter a cash contest. There is not set number. But I can say that the more you play. The more you will get. For example, you will get more FDP points. For playing 12 cash game contest. Then you would with 4. That can change. If your 4 games total amount exceed your 12 games. Then you will get more for the 4 than you would 12. It all comes down to whichever contest has the most money invested. You are guaranteed some FDP each time you play a cash contest. So no matter if you win or lose the contest. You will be rewarded Fanduel points.

I often save mine until I get in the hundred thousand. But I play at a very high volume. So I accumulate points very quickly over a short period of time. If you are new to this. You may want to use yours every chance you can. Or you may have a lower saving amount. No matter what you choose. It is all used for the dame purpose and that’s to save money.

You cannot share your FDP with your friends. I have heard of guys saying they gave their buddy this and that amount of FDP. Which is hogwash it’s not possible you cannot do it. So do not let someone tell you that you can. These guys will often say that if you let them win. They will give you 1,000,000 FDP the next day or before the week is over. A month or two later you once you notice or get the idea that maybe you have been scammed or bamboozled. It will be too late the guy is gone and has probably withdrawn the money and deleted his account. Don’t be a victim to that.

You can very well win big cash with FDP just like you would with cash. If you just so happen to enter a tournament and your lineup that you entered with FDP. Finishes in the top 10 spots or in 1st. You will be extremely happy. Not only because you won $500+ but you did it without having to use any of your balance. Even though you had to use actual cash to accumulate those points. It’s so rewarding when you use them and make that money back on top of accumulating more FDP.


Where To Locate The Fanduel points or FDP

You will need to log into your Fanduel account. If you do not have one you can create one by clicking the link below.

>>Click Here To Create You Free Fanduel Account Here<<<

Once you do that. You will be inside Fanduel’s website homepage. If you just made your account. You will not have any FDP available. But you will need to click the drop down arrow beside your name. This will be located in the top right corner. Once you do you will see this.

How to view Fanduel Points

How to view Fanduel Points

After you have clicked the drop down arrow. It will show a menu with a number of things on it. But what you want to focus on is the number right under your account balance. This will tell you how many FDP you have accumulated for the time being.


How To Use Fanduel Points or FDP

Enter a contest on FD with FDP

Enter a contest on FD with FDP

You will only be able to use FDP in cash game contest. It’s easy to do this all you need to do is pick your lineup. Then once you hit enter the contest. It will ask you if you want to enter cash or use FDP. Just select FDP and it will deduct points from your FDP balance. Your cash will stay the same. If you win you will be rewarded cash.


When To Use Fanduel Points or FDP

You will only be able to use your FDP once you have reached the minimum which is 2,400. That is what it takes to enter $1 contest on Fanduel as of right now. This number greatly increases as you go higher in the cash games. Fanduel points are very easy to accumulate, though. So no need to worry about reaching the number. You will get there in no time. I often don’t even notice mine until I have reached the 100,000 mark. Well, I’m not going to say I don’t notice it. But I do not use them until I get to that point.


You Can Use Fanduel Points or FDP on Computer Or Mobile Devices

It is very flexible and can be used on any platform that allows you to access Fanduel. This will appear in the same fashion on a mobile device. Once you have picked your line up and hit enter contest. I will give you the option to choose whether you want to use cash or FDP.



This is all you need to know. Short and sweet. You now know how to use Fanduel points or FDP. It is a great way to substitute cash entry fees. I have won $100 dollars off a contest I entered with FDP. That may not be a lot to you. But I thought it was kinda cool. I could win cash like that without having to use any. They also make great testing lineups. Say if you are curious about how you would’ve done in a tournament with a certain lineup. But you do not want to spend actual cash on the contest. You could use FDP and still benefit from it. If it does well.

Now all you need to do if you have not already is create you your own Fanduel account. You can do so by clicking the image below. It has a link attached to it. Once you click it. It will take you to Fanduel’s sign up page. You will then need to fill out the requirements they will ask you to fill. Once you do that you account will be created and you can start playing games that same day.

fanduel sign up screen

fanduel sign up screen. Click to join



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2 comments for “How to use Fanduel points or FDP – Review

  1. John
    August 29, 2016 at 12:25 pm

    Very interesting view on Fan Duel and how you can score points without investing money. Very good point of view from you.

    How does one get involved in Fan Duel? Do you have to be an experienced sports better? Do you have to understand sports better than the average guy?

    • Ted
      August 29, 2016 at 12:29 pm

      No not at all. Just sign up and start playing. I have a link in the image at the bottom of the post. Just click it and create your account

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