Multipliers Draftkings Review – How It Works

Today’s post will be about the multipliers entry mode on Draftkings. This is one of my favorite game modes to play. It’s easy to get addicted to. Especially once you start cashing regularly. Let’s get to the good stuff.

Multipliers Draftkings How It Works

Multipliers are almost the same as tournaments. But are a lot smaller and a tad bit easier to cash in. You can make back 5 times the money you entered to join the contest. I will say it is another great alternative to building bankroll other than 50/50’s. It is available in all sports on Draftkings. You can play each and every day the sport is played in real life. You can not create multipliers, though. The only two game modes Draftkings and Fanduel will let you create are head to heads and leagues

How To Enter A Multiplier Contest

In order to get to the multipliers game type. You must know how to get there. It is not available on the main screen of Draftkings site. I will show you how to get there. This method works for any sport you wish to play on the site. You will first need to log into your Draftkings account. If you do not have one. You can create a free one by clicking the link below.

{{{{Click Here To Create Your Free Draftkings Account}}}}

Now that you are logged into your account. You will be directed to this screen. This is only for users on computers and tablet devices. If you are on the app using a smartphone. It will look a bit different. You can still follow along, though. It will work on any device.

How to get to multipliers on Dk

How to get to multipliers on DK

It will already be on this tab called featured. Which shows all contest on the site. It shows all sports and game modes mixed together. Some like finding their games this way and some like being specific. I like being specific. All you would need to do is click any tab to the left of the featured tab. As long as it is bright white. It is in season and games are available. If it is faded out gray it  is out of season and you will not be able to play until the season starts again.

Once you click the tab of the sport you wish to play. It will look like this.

Multipliers on DK

Multipliers on DK

You will notice this box appear. Once you see it. Be sure to click the multipliers tab. So it will only show multipliers games. If you do not it will show all game modes mixed together.

How Much Can You Earn

You can make up to 5 times your entry fee. It is very exciting. You will want to focus on the columns I circled in this image.

How much can you win on Dk multipliers

How much can you win on DK multipliers

This will let you know how much you will earn and how much you have to put in. The best thing is that it shows you how many people are in the contest. The ones that have the gray M beside them. Means you can enter multiple times. You can click the tabs at the top. Starting with entry fee. To adjust the contest from low to high or high to low. It goes on and varieties on down the line for each tab.

You could also use the box on the far left at the bottom. It is titled advanced filter. You can use that as well it also lets you set games to appear in a few other ways.

Contest Lobby - DraftKings 2016-08-16 22-09-11

Contest Lobby – DraftKings 2016-08-16 22-09-11

This is just what I mean. See how much you could make back off your investment. For an entry of $50, you could come out with $500. But note in order to do this you must come in the top 3 out of 34 people. It is not multiple entries. So everyone in the lobby has 1 line up. Big reward hard to get there, though.


This is really all you need to know about multipliers on Draftkings. It is a fun game mode for sure. But it has its setbacks. Bigger prizes mean harder and more experienced players come to play. Another reason is that it usually takes multiple entries to cash. Just speaking from my own experiences. Your luck may be a lot better than mine. So if you cash with single entries. Keep own until you don’t. If you still have any questions or want to leave feedback in general. You can do so by leaving a comment below. I will respond as soon as I get the chance to.

That’s all for this post. be sure if you haven’t already signed up for your free Draftkings account. you can click the linked image below to do so. Hope to see you on the inside.

Dk Sign up page

Click the image above to sign up for free.

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