NFL On Draftkings – Review – How It Works – Beginners

Hey, thanks for visiting my site. In this post, I will be discussing NFL on Draftkings. I will give the best review I can for beginners as well as experienced players. It will be a very long and thorough post. I choose to do it that way so I can get as many points across as possible. Hopefully answering all questions and concerns. Let’s jump right in.

NFL On DraftKings What Is It?

Well as many of you already know. It is a sports type you can enter on Draftkings website and win cash from. You can also play free games for fun. The choice is yours. You will not be required or forced to do either. I like it and the setup and scoring are a bit different than how it is on Fanduel.

You will soon see the commercials and all that fun stuff promoting the sites here very soon. This is about that time of year when they start doing so. For beginners, I will strongly suggest you stick with 50/50s and Head to Head games starting out. They are easier and a lot less complicated. The choice is ultimately yours. I’m just throwing out suggestions.

How To Get To The NFL Contest On Draftkings

In order to play this sport on Draftkings. It is important to know how to get there. With the way, the site is set up. It can be very overwhelming and confusing for beginners.

No need to worry I have you covered. I will show you how to get there and join contest below. You will first need to be logged into your Draftkings account. If you do not have one. I suggest you click the link below and create one real quick.

\+++Click Here To Create Free Draftkings Account+++/

Ok once you have created your account. You will be presented with a screen that looks like this. It may change over time. The background image that is. Draftkings changes it often.

So if you log in and don’t see Mechanic the movie promotion in the background. Do not be alarmed. As long as the inner part looks like this you are ok. Never mind the image at the top either. I’m sure that will change as well.

How to get to NFL contest on Draftkings

How to get to NFL contest on Draftkings

You see where I have the arrow pointing? That is a tab called featured. It will already be selected automatically once you sign in. It shows all games and contests types mixed as one.

Which you can see below in the image. If you are fine picking your games like that then you can do such. But for those who like to have a single sport shown at a time.

All you will need to do is click the NFL or whatever sports tab you want to play that is in season. The ones faded off in gray. Are sports that aren’t in season. They will light up white once they are playable.

Click the sport and then you will be taken to a screen that looks like this.

How To Choose NFL Sport Type On Draftkings

How To Choose NFL Sports Type On Draftkings

The screen looks similar to the home screen. The difference is that it is showing all the contest available for the sport you chose. In this case, it will be NFL. On the far left where I have the big red circle. Is where you can select the types of contest you want to view.

Right now everything is all mixed together. You can also adjust your price range at the top of the circled area. Along with the entry size at the bottom. Be sure to use the circled box. It will come in handy.

How Many Teams Do You Get To Choose From In The NFL?

Well as of right now there is over 32 teams in the NFL. With each team being able to have 53 players. Gives you about 1,600+ players in all. The game is huge. You only get 9 slots, though. So the way you chose is very critical. It’s mostly offensive players.

You choose the defense as a whole. So when you choose a defense. It will not show individual slots where you pick players from various positions. It will show the team logo and will give you points based on how the defense performs as a whole.

How Is NFL Scored On Draftkings?

How NFL is scored on Draftkings

How NFL is scored on Draftkings

As you can see it is a bit different from the scoring rules on Fanduel. It will become the norm once you start playing more often.

Great Sources To Help With NFL Drafting

These are a few sites and channels I use to help me pick players. These are not guaranteed to make your money nor win every game. But to help you make better picks and give you great stat information. These are in no specific order.

  • The Fantasy Footballers – YouTube Channel
  • FNTSY Sports Network – YouTube Channel
  • Fantasy Labs – YouTube Channel
  • LineStar DK – Mobile App

These are the same ones I use for Fanduel also. I will also like to give you access to join my Facebook group. It’s fantasy sports oriented and has over 4,000+ members. It is very active and is filled with experienced players that give great information. Just click the image below to join. I will make sure you get in.

Fanduel Group On Facebook

Fanduel Group On Facebook

How Not To Pick Players For NFL

I know what you are thinking. I use to think this same way. You are probably thinking. Hmm, they let me pick my own players. I’m just gone get on there and choose the best players from each position. I can’t lose doing it that way.

That is wrong and you will lose more than you win playing with that mentality.

For one it’s not possible to even do that. Because you have the salary cap to choose players with. It is $50,000. Most players that are considered to be the best or in the top 5 at their position. Will cost well over $50,000 once you have them all selected. So you can’t even choose that way.

Second just because a player cost the most doesn’t mean he will perform the best. I learned this the hard way so many times playing fantasy sports. It’s a lesson that will either make you or break you. It’s good to have stats to back up why you are choosing that person for each position.

Otherwise you are just doing it blindly with the hope of a good result. Not saying that when you research you are going to win every time. But you will win more often. I promise you that.

Do not choose players to empty the salary cap to zero. It does not matter whether you do or not. Choose your players based on your own knowledge and research.

Do not randomly go down the line and just throw players into your lineup. To get a spot before the game starts. That is a very un-smart way to enter a contest and your results will reflect that. Give yourself at least two or three hours to research and choose players before game time.

How To Best Select Players To Win For NFL

This is my way of selecting not saying it’s the best nor worst. Just a method I have developed over the years. It works for me. When it’s all said and done.

You will need to find your method and stick with whatever works for you. You can feel free to use mine as well. It does not bother me one bit. Just like on Fanduel I like to select my defense first. Why? Because I figure that the defense. If selected right will bring you a lot of points throughout the game. They get points for sacks, interceptions, fumbles, touchdowns etc.

But they also get a huge bonus at the end of the game if the met the requirements. It’s quite a few you can go view the rest above. But the most important is the +10 for holding a team to zero points. If you have played NFL fantasy sports before you know how much that +10 can help you at the end of a game.

It can literally be the difference between you making $10 or $10,000 dollars in a single day. I keep that in mind so defense is always my first choice.

Second would generally be the kicker. But on Draftkings you don’t draft a kicker. Instead, you get a spot called Flex. You can choose an RB, WR, or TE. Being that you can’t choose a kicker. I will go to my RBs. Those guys get tons of touches in a game.

If you do it right you will win a lot of times off those guys alone. It is best to target RBs that are facing teams with a bad run defense. I like to spread my options around when it comes to RBs. I often will choose RBs from different teams.

To spread out the workload and points. I make sure that each is playing a weak run defense, though. It is a strategy that has played out very well for me over the years.

Next Is the TE. The TE is the second most important draft to me other than the defense. Simply because those guys are targeted almost 100% of the time in short yard situations as well as red-zone ones too. The accumulate a lot of points very quickly.

If you are targeting a team that has bad passing defense and you choose a TE player who is a big target by their QB. You can be in for a payday. It is best to pick QBs that are on the same team as your main TE. I say main TE because I like to pick two TEs on Draftkings. It just works for me. So I stuck with it.

Next is the QB. You are probably asking yourself. Dude why did you wait till half-way through the draft to pick the QB. He should be the first guy you pick. Well, I have been playing this for over a decade and some change now.

I have found out that the QB position is not as important as you may think. If you pick right you can still get a decent QB into your line-up. Along with other great players. Most of the times QBs in the top 5 positions are going to cost you a good chunk of your salary to get. If you are that guy and that’s how you roll. Then do that. But I like to in a way get the best for less.

It’s two main reasons why I do that.

  • 1- My QB will be low owned. Meaning if he does have a monster game. I will sky-rocket past my opponents.
  • 2- It saves me more money for other positions. If you spend $12,000 on a QB and he plays like trash. You are probably going to lose that contest. One because he ate up most of your salary. Two the rest of your players are mediocre or just guys you picked based on their average fantasy score.

So I tend to stay away from the top 5. But make sure I get a QB in the top 10. You can sometimes go lower in certain cases like an injury or something. But going lower than the top 10 is extremely risky. If you can pull it off consistently then it might be best for you.

Last are the WRs. I choose these guys last because you get three of them. You are going to get decent WRs no matter what. It’s tons of them to choose from more than any other position on the lineup.

So I don’t really make it a do or die situation when I choose them. I will make sure that my QB is on the same team that my main WR is on. You get 3 but it will always be that one you expect to outdo the others. It’s a gamble but if it works you will be very happy with your results.

The way the lineup area is set up on Draftkings is like this for NFL.









DST – Defense and Special Teams

My method or way of choosing players looks like this.

DST – Defense Special Teams




Flex – TE





Like I said before. This is not the meal ticket or the golden way of choosing players. Just my own personal way of choosing players. Which I came up with over the years from playing NFL fantasy sports. Once you find your method and you get conformable with it.

 Stick to it and use the best way you know how. If it starts losing you a lot of money. Dump it and go with another one. Only keep what profits for you.

Be Sure To Read The Latest Info On Players

This is another method I have found to help me out substantially. That is reading info on players. You can do this on the site its self. Or you can visit some of those sources I listed above and find out some key information.

But you do this on Draftkings by simply clicking that little box beside a player’s name or you can click the player’s name itself. Once you do it will bring up a screen that should look like this.

Read latest info on players

Read the latest info on players

Where you see the arrow pointing. Is where you will get the information. It will be a small area of content. But it can and will help you when picking players. It will also show the date and time when it was released.

Make sure it is fresh and not old content. This updates different for each player and not all will change that much. But be sure to check for players you pick or have in mind. If you are lost and still don’t know how to get to this screen. Here is a visual to help you out below.

How to read latest info on players

How to read the latest info on players

All you need to do is click where the tip of either arrow is pointing and you will have the players info to show up.

How To Sort Players On DraftKings NFL

Once you get to the page where you being shown the lineup and players to select. The tab will automatically be set on the QBs. So it will only show them. If you are choosing a QB first then this is great for you. But for those who like to start elsewhere.

All you need to do is select the position you wish to see. If it lights up orange that means that it is selected. He is a visual of what I’m talking about.

How to sort players on Draftkings NFL

How to sort players on Draftkings NFL

Just go through a set it to each position you are currently looking for players in. Or you can go all the way to the far right and select all. It will then show all players mixed together. There is also a search bar at the top of this box where you can type players names in.

This helps save time from scrolling through hundreds of players. You get $50,000 in salary to spend that’s $10,000 less than what you get on Fanduel. Each site has players priced where it works accordingly to their salary.

So there is really no big deal about the price difference. Just know on Draftkings you do not get a kicker on Fanduel you do. Instead, you get another chance to select a skill player on Draftkings.


This is it. This is straight from the horse’s mouth. I have given you inside information on how I draft and how the whole how NFL on Draftkings works.

This review was written with the intent to help you get a better understating or the site and the NFL sport itself. This is valuable information for new and experienced players. I must say that it is filled with DFS Sharks and they will always be around.

But it’s not anything to be scared of or be intimidated by. Just take information and implement it into your lineups like they do. The best thing about playing a DFS Shark.

Is that you get to see their lineups and how they choose players. Learn from that. I did and it helped me in the long run. Sooner than later I was beating those guys and became one myself as I’ve been told. I don’t consider myself a DFS Shark because I don’t target players I know are new to the site.

I just got the name because I win a lot and I make a lot of money playing fantasy sports. I actually help others get to where I am. As you can see by the content above and all over my website.

This season will be an action packed one as it always is. You should be hyped and ready to go. I know I am. If you have not for whatever reason made yourself a Draftkings account.

 You can do so below. All you need to do is click the image below. It is linked to Draftkings website. It will bring you to a screen where you will be able to create your free account.

Draftkings sign up screen

Draftkings sign up screen. Click image to create your free account.

Once you have done that. If you are interested in getting some cool NFL gear for the season here is a link to amazon. This is where I buy all of my fashion that I own for my team.

The packers die-hard cheesehead right here. My friends know this all too well. When they come over during game day. It is no different from being at Lambeau field. Plus I use to work for amazon. So I show them, love. Cause they did for me. Go check it out.

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  1. Courtney
    August 20, 2016 at 8:59 pm

    You said it would be long and it was.forgive me but I have never played online games and frankly would not have the time. I must say you are a good coach and seem to provide useful tips, Have you ever played the sport? you seem to really know the game,perhaps one day I might be inspired for the experience, I doubt would be good at it, since my brain is that of a five year old when it comes to technology. wish you success.

    • Ted
      August 20, 2016 at 9:07 pm

      Thank you I use to play back in the day on high school. But my wife said the same thing about fantasy sports. Until she got on there and gave it a go. She wins a lot and is a dedicated player just like I am. You never know until you give it a chance.

  2. Debbie
    August 20, 2016 at 10:57 pm

    What a fantastic article!! For years, I have been listening to my son and his friends and some of my friends talk about all of this and I was lost. I really appreciate this article because you really helped me to understand much better what they are doing and the strategy behind it.

    For them, it was always fantasy football, so I had never heard of this one, but I will be sure and pass this info along! Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge on this!

    • Ted
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      Thank you for your feedback. I’m glad I could help.

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    I enjoyed your write up of Daily Fantasy Sports particularly how you showed your method. I understand there are lots of combinations. But at least you showed a good starting point for beginners. I particularly liked your discussion on how to pick quarterbacks. In the past, I played the free fantasy NFL games on Yahoo! sports. I always tried to pick a QB. At least now, I am encouraged to give DraftKings a try. Thanks!

    • Ted
      August 21, 2016 at 9:54 pm

      Yea just because the QB is first doesn’t mean you should select him. Find a method and use it. Till it doesn’t work anymore. Good luck. I’m glad I could steer you in the right direction.

  4. James
    August 21, 2016 at 4:22 pm

    OMG I almost laughed out loud when I saw your “how not to pick” section on NFL players. You are so right. Fan Duel and DraftKings are both awesome and a little addictive but there are so many rookie mistakes people commonly fall into. It’s so tempting to overspend on a single player only to have them turn in a meh game and you’re jacked.

    • Ted
      August 21, 2016 at 9:52 pm

      Thanks and yea. If your $11,000 QB has a bad game. You are probably not going to cash.

  5. Kmajor
    August 21, 2016 at 7:00 pm

    Thanks for the great post I always wondered how to play these type of games and win money. How much can you win? and does it depend on how much you bet or is it set amounts for each game you play. Because I was thinking of trying out one of these Sports games sites.

    • Ted
      August 21, 2016 at 9:51 pm

      It is all up to you and what type of contest you choose to play. The money will differ as so explore different contests.

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