Playing DFS Near Playoff Time NBA

We all love our DFS with a passion. At least most of us that play does. But there are a few things you might want to keep in mind when playing around the end of the regular season near playoff time.

This is going to help out a lot of new guys/girls and just might save you a lot of cash. This isn’t the last say so or the perfect way to go about things.

But I have many years of experience in the DFS field and this information comes from experience, not an assumption. Thank you for stopping by I hope you enjoy.


Playing DFS Near Playoff Time NBA


What To Keep In Mind

What To Keep In Mind

What To Keep In Mind

Every team is not in the playoff run. Which means that their season is basically over. This can be good and bad.

  • The stars on the team may not play as hard or get much playing time.
  • A lot of the bench guys will get more playing time than usual.
  • Blowouts are more likely to happen.

All of these are things you must take into account when playing DFS around this time. Trust me there is no worse feeling in DFS than paying up for a big name star and he doesn’t play like his price tag suggests he should. It’s not all gloom and darkness, though.

Especially for my big tournament players out there. This is a prime time for that random 3k or 4k guys to come in the picture and win you big cash. Cause most DFS players play off word of mouth or players that they like in real life.

If they don’t know them they won’t pick them. This is a DFS Shark’s dream and really how they cash big almost every night. They know this and by knowing that certain guys will have little to no ownership. It puts them in a prime position to be contrarian picks and help them differentiate from the rest of the players in the tournament.

Think about it. You’re in a tournament and you have this guy you paid $3.500k for and he goes out and gets you 35 – 40 fantasy points. Now, that’s a steal and say you have some decent 4 – 5k guys in your line that you know are going to produce and give you just enough to keep you in the money. That’s a solid lineup and will 98% of the time bring you back some money.


Don’t Do This!

Don’t go out after reading this and build you a lineup entire made up of 3k scrubs. Unless you have the money laying around and can afford to play that way.

Then that’s one thing but most people do not. Research players and make smart picks. Have a reason why everyone in your line is in there. The reason shouldn’t be to make you money.

That’s obvious but a more in depth reason. Like because this player averages this amount against this team on the road. Or because this guy has been guaranteed 30 minutes of playing time because or this and that. Reasons like that are legit and will result in better DFS results over time. This goes for either FD or DK.



I have been playing DFS a long time. I know a little more than your average DFS player. Feel free to leave comments and let me know if there’s any way I can help you out. This is how I pay my bills and everything else.

So I’m serious about winning and finding legitimate strategies to help me do so consistently every night. Have a nice day and keep grinding. If you wish to join either Fanduel or Draftkings. Click the image of the one you wish to become a member of below.


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2 comments for “Playing DFS Near Playoff Time NBA

  1. Steve & Kris
    March 16, 2017 at 8:50 pm

    You certainly have to pay attention to teams that have either already locked up a playoff spot, or those who are completely out of the playoffs. Like you said, this can lead to guys not playing. They might not be playing, or will play limited minutes, as the team will try to rest the player, or shut them down for the rest of the season. Eric Bledsoe is a prime example. He was shut down for the season yesterday, with 14 games left in the season. That is a guy you don’t want on your team anymore. You certainly have some good advice in this post. Thank you.

    • Ted
      March 16, 2017 at 9:01 pm

      Thank you. Yup it is better to be safe than sorry.

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