Sports Fantasy Basketball – What You Need To Know

Fantasy Sports Basketball is by far one of the most fun. But at the same time hardest and most unpredictable sports in DFS. Simply because it’s fast-paced and fouls can make or break your night.

Scoring is fairly simple, though. 3 pointers are three points, 2’s are 2, Blocks & Steals are 2, Rebounds are 1, Rebounds are 1.2 and turnovers are -1. These are the rules for Fanduel they are slightly different on Draftkings. I will create separate posts for each in the near future. But for now, I’m just going to speak on the topic in general.

Sports Fantasy Basketball - What You Need To Know

There is no perfect formula for picking players in DFS NBA. You could have a bomb line up all day ready for lock. Then 5 minutes before game time you get news on a late scratch now your line has to be changed. That quick now you are racking your brains trying to make a solid pick before lock. It’s crazy but so addicting. Once you start you will be hooked. Especially if you love the sport in real life. Never get to the point where you are going broke playing DFS though. If you don’t have enough money at the end of the month to pay bills or buy food.

Because of DFS. Then you might want to hold off a bit and reevaluate how you play. Or how much you put into it initially. Always play smart. Have fun but be smart while you are doing it. I have had my shares of up and downs with DFS basketball and I loved it all. It made me the NBA DFS player I am today. It did not happen overnight and I’m not going to sit here and front like I didn’t lose any money. I did I lost a lot actually. But now I have a winning percentage at over 88%. Which isn’t perfect. But it is a lot better than 30 or 40 percent. I’ll take 88% over that anyday.


What Is Sports Fantasy Basketball?

Sports Fantasy Basketball - What You Need To Know

Sports Fantasy Basketball or NBA DFS. Is when you pick basketball players on daily sports websites. The popular ones are Fanduel, Draftkings, and Yahoo. I personally play on Fanduel and Draftkings daily. I played on Yahoo when it first came out. But to me, it’s dead and doesn’t have many players. I found myself playing the same guys every time I got on the site. Not that it’s a bad thing. It just kinda takes the excitement out a bit. So you will pick your players and accumulate points and at the end, the player with the highest total wins X amount of money. Depending on the type of game mode you are playing. There is quite a few to choose from. Such as the following.

As you can see it’s quite a few ways you can play for money. There is also free play as well.Not for cash. More so for casual play or maybe a dummy line up. To see what players you never pick do in a game. I will also make a post on that later on as well.


Is Sports Fantasy Basketball Easy?

Sports Fantasy Basketball - What You Need To Know

The simple answer is no. There is nothing easy about DFS with any sport. But defiantly, not DFS basketball. In my experience with DFS. It is the hardest one of them all. If you’ve been playing a while you know what I mean. In real life, it’s my favorite sport to watch. My least favorite is hockey and I do fairly decent in that. Weird stuff I know. But that’s how it is. The only thing I can say do not give up if you don’t win 5k within your first week of playing. If you have the bankroll. Keep playing try different strategies and find and formula that works for you.

Be contrarian players like Lebron James and Russell Westbrook or James Harden are highly owned and fairly expensive DFS players. Be different from the pack and get cheaper value guys. That’ll get you closer to that 300 total point mark. 300 is the magic number in DFS basketball. If you are cracking that each night I can almost promise you cash. Depending on what game mode you are playing. This is almost a sure thing in 50/50’s though. When playing tournament mode this may need to be around 315-325. This is because it’s more players which means more line ups and it raises the bar a bit. This holds true for both DK and FD.



It’s not much to it. This is the basics. I could’ve made this post long and boring but I chose to make it short and sweet. Like I said I will go into detail in the near future on NBA on FD and DK. So you can get a better understanding of each. I know everyone doesn’t play FD. Same applies for DK. So I will make a post for both parties. This is my good word for today. I mentioned before that this is my favorite sport. I love NBA in real life. I go to quite a few games and I also play them on my video game consoles. If you ever want to play or chat fantasy with me on the Xbox One or PS4 you can.  Just drop your Gamertag in the comments and I’ll add you. We can chop it up for sure.

Here are links to 2k18 on both consoles. I play other games as well. But since this is a basketball related post. I’m going to stay around that area. I hope you enjoyed this post and I look forward to hearing from you guys. I also look forward to catching some W’s on 2k18. Well, what are you waiting on? See me on the sticks.


NBA 2k18 Cover

NBA 2k18 Cover

2k18 Ps4 cover

2k18 Ps4 cover

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  1. October 10, 2017 at 7:21 am

    Basketball is in some sense, similar to international football which I’m a huge fan. In fact, I play a soccer fantasy game and boy it’s hard. You gotta get who’s gonna score, assist, shoot (on target, away, on the post), commit no fouls, get no yellow/red cards, etc. If you’re a defender, don’t allow goals, if you’re a goalie, get as many difficult saves as you can, and stop penalty kicks. The list goes on and on. But it’s amazing how some fantasy players are just so good. That takes a lot of studying and statistical analysis I think.

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