What Is Fanduel? – Review – For Newbies

Ok for my newbies out there. I’m going to give you the 411 on what Fanduel is and how it works. If you do not have an account. I will leave a link at the end of this post and you can join for free.


What Is Fanduel?

Fanduel is a free fantasy sports platform for sports lovers to join and play against each other across the world. It is by far the #1 leader in daily sports. Some may disagree but I find it to be top-notch in its market.  It has thousands if not millions of players. You will come across many different playing fields and payouts. It is my preferred playing site. But is not the only one out there.

It’s fairly easy to get used to and become familiar with. I have always received my payments on time. Whether I requested a check or did the withdrawal via PayPal. The money was here or in my PayPal account the same day they said it would be. In some cases even sooner.


What All Can You Play On Fanduel?

Game Modes On Fanduel

Game Modes On Fanduel

As of right now, you can play up to five different game modes on the site itself. Those being.

I will go into detail on each game mode in later posts. But this is to give you a sense of what they have to offer, They also have an app version which you can download and play as well. It says you from being stuck behind a computer screen for hours. Unless you’re like me and it doesn’t really phase you that much.


What Sports Can You Play?

Sports You Can Play On FD

Sports You Can Play On FD

As of what I see on the site today. You can play four sports. Those being.

They use to have CBB and CFB but I don’t see them on here anymore. They must have discontinued them. But yea those are the four you have to mess around with. I seem to do better in the two I don’t really watch that often. NHL and MLB I have also found those two to be less competitive.


How Can You Enter Games?

There are 3 ways you can enter games on Fanduel and those 3 ways are.

  • Cash
  • Fanduel Points
  • Free Play


Cash is, of course, the most used method of entry. But you can do so by adding funds to your account via Paypal or with your debit or credit card. You can also use the money you’ve earned through games you’ve won in the past. It will show your total balance in your account.


Fanduel points – are earned from playing cash games often. Whether you win or lose you will earn some amount of FD points for entering and completing a contest. There are certain leagues you can join and the prize would be FD points instead of cash. You can use FD points as an alternative to cash as well. Earn enough of them and you can play and earn cash without having to deposit that often.


Free Play – is exactly what it is free. You play these games simply for fun or to get practice in a sport you’re not familiar with. In some cases, you can run dummy line-ups to see what could’ve happened with a certain combination of players. This is an expert technique and I’ll go into more detail about it in another post. It’s very effective and really helps with sleeper picks.


Can You Create Contest On Fanduel?

Yes, you can. But you are only limited to head to heads or randomized small leagues. You don’t get to select how many times a single player can play you in one day. So for instance, if you make 10 head to heads. A single person can join all ten of your head to heads that day. It can get annoying at times. Especially when you have a shark trailing you. Drafkings allows you to choose how many times a single person can play you.

Fanduel contest creation menu

Fanduel contest creation menu

The leagues are fairly small compared to DK. You can play against people you invite or randoms. I think the highest it goes is 20 and the payout structures are winner takes all, top 3 get prizes and top third get prizes. So you don’t get to play 50/50s like you would on DK. So it’s a bit limited with the contest creation on Fanduel but you can still make it work.


How Old Must You Be To Play Fanduel?

Well, I’ve known players as young as 12 playing it. But in order to get cash payouts, you must be 18. Unless you have an older person over the age of 18 withdrawing your money for you. I don’t recommend doing this because if you’re caught you could get your account suspended. I have known people to do this though and still do it today. Just be extremely careful with that.


What’s So Good About Fanduel?

They have huge payouts. Like really big. But those are usually the tournaments and they are loaded with sharks. If you don’t know what are shark is I will tell you in a later post. But sharks are not your friends in daily sports. Especially if you aren’t one yourself. You want to avoid them at all cost. More so if you are a newbie.


They also give you money. On many occasions, I have had a balance of like $0.72 or something like that. It wasn’t a whole dollar I know that much. They would round it off to make a whole dollar in my account so I would be able to enter a cash game. It doesn’t happen all the time. But it does happen. I honestly think it’s Fanduel way of saying they want you to keep paying on their site.

What Is Fanduel? - Review - For Newbies

Of course, you win cash and that’s the main reason you’re there in the first place. You also get cool things like freerolls and tickets. You get these for doing two different things. To get free rolls all you have to do is reach a certain amount of FD points each month. You will be rewarded free-rolls which you can play for free and win cash.


With the tickets, you will play entries just like you would in cash. You will enter with cash but the prize might be a ticket to a game or something like that. It’s really cool and you should give it a shot.

They also will match your first deposit up to $200 dollars.


You get cool Fanduel gear for winning certain games or just being very active and winning a lot on the site. I have a few Fanduel shirts and hats.

The site set-up is clean. When I say that I mean that everything is visible and easy to navigate around. You don’t necessarily have to squint your eyes to see things. Nor do you have to struggle to find where game modes are or contest entry prices. It is as clean as can be.



This is the basics of what you need to know about Fanduel as a beginner. I will make more posts relating to every possible question you could have regarding to Fanduel. But if it’s something I missed or you want to know about in general. Ask me and I will be glad to help. As far as everything else goes. All you need to do now if you haven’t already is create your free account today.

Sign Up For Your Free Fanduel Account Today!

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14 comments for “What Is Fanduel? – Review – For Newbies

  1. Ben
    August 4, 2016 at 8:43 am

    Ok well this does look interesting. I am a sports-mad punter. I guess I would have to get more familiar with NFL to make this work for me. I have been doing spread betting on NFL last year and did ok out of it. I backed the Panthers most weeks and intend on doing that again this season. Fan duel does sound like something I need to learn more about. Have you made much money this way?

    • Ted
      August 4, 2016 at 12:21 pm

      Yes I have made a lot of money on both sites. It’s one of my full time incomes.

  2. Ronald
    August 5, 2016 at 8:24 pm

    Interesting format for betting on games for sure. I have never bet online before just at casino’s and never really made a profit to speak of. Sports betting is certainly not for everyone. It takes a lot of studying to see where games may end up. Knowing all the players and techniques they use to beat their competitor is huge so knowledge is certainly power here. Great informative site.

    • Ted
      August 5, 2016 at 8:45 pm

      Yes it’s extremely fun. It like the icing on the cake. When you can watch a sports game and win cash at the same time

  3. shrey
    August 7, 2016 at 9:32 pm

    I never knew there was so much of strategy involved when it came to betting on games and I really think this was the first time ever I read something of this sought
    I really liked the ideas and the tips you have given here, I really find this new and informative but it is definitely worth a try!

    • Ted
      August 7, 2016 at 9:55 pm

      Thank you and I wish you the best of luck. Girls usually have better luck in DFS than guys. At least that’s the case with my wife

  4. James
    August 7, 2016 at 9:44 pm

    I have an account with FanDuel. I joined with them several years ago. I made a little bit of money with them. At the time I was betting on MLB games. I really need to start watching more sports again, so that I can familiarize myself with the players and their performance.
    Thanks for the reminder about FanDuel. Maybe I can get back into it in time for the NFL season!

    • Ted
      August 7, 2016 at 9:54 pm

      Thank you and yes. NFL is going to be very exciting this year for sure

  5. Jean C.
    September 7, 2016 at 3:54 pm

    I have heard of fanduel before but have not give it a try. Didn’t know was that broad. Your site really spark my interest! I am an NBA fan. Looking forward to season start and I will be coming back to your site to learn more! Thanks for the insight! I will give it a shot when season begins.

    • Ted
      September 8, 2016 at 1:04 am

      No problem, Fanduel is awesome man. I love NBA also. Can’t wait till the season starts back up

  6. John
    January 10, 2017 at 7:13 am

    One strategy I have used lately is taking a team of all players mid of the pack and playing 50/50’s. As you know 1st gets paid the same as the last guy in the upper half. This has worked for me, my question is do you get a superstar like Westbrook in your lineup every night and try to find steals at the minimum price or play middle of the line players who you can count on for 20 points on a bad night?

    • Ted
      January 23, 2017 at 5:53 am

      Depends on how many games are being played that night and who’s playing. Nowadays you really can’t afford to fade Westbrook and still cash with the the way he’s been playing lately

  7. October 31, 2017 at 9:30 pm

    I’m not much of a betting man but this looks quite interesting, is it only the NFL that you can play?

    • Ted
      October 31, 2017 at 9:38 pm

      No you can play NBA, MLB, NHL, WNBA and more.

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